March 9, 2017



Canada is called an “immigrants’ paradise” because, in this young country, everybody would have been an immigrant at some point. This fact makes Canada welcoming to newly landed immigrants. Multicultural environment, outstanding geographical features, ample functional resources, high paying jobs, easy-to-follow visa categories and rewarding investment options are some of the major attractions that encourage aspiring immigrants to immigrate to Canada.

With huge uninhabited areas and unmatched potential for a better career, life and stable future, Canada has been the most popular destination for immigration among Indians. Hence, many Indian Immigration Consultants have successfully facilitated aspiring candidates to settle down in Canada.

Canadian economy is in need of constant inflow of migrant workers to address structural deficiencies in labour sector. Thus, many migrants from across the world choose Canada for residing permanently. The immigration benefits are one of the motivations for people to prefer Canada as their immigration destination. Numerous aspirants decide to live there as the country offers various attractive benefits. The Government has setup institutions and offers support facilities for the prospective immigrants to facilitate their settlement in the country once they have permanent residence status.

The Canadian Government offers permanent residence visas to members of the Family Class and the Economic Class. The Economic Class primarily includes professionals and skilled workers under the skilled trade class, the provincial nominee class, the business immigrants and the skilled worker class. Under the family class, sponsorship programs encourage the reunion in Canada of citizens and permanent residents with close relatives.

Some of the benefits of Canadian Immigration include safety and security of the immigrants, Social security and medical healthcare benefits. Also, they get free schooling and highly subsidized university education. The housing and other amenities are available at affordable price. As the country is an economically and politically stable country, the individuals also get handsome wages for their labours. The residents and immigrants play a crucial part in Canada’s economic and social life as it is a self-governing nation. Regardless of multiculturalism, there is peace and harmony in the country.

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